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PET CT is a diagnostic imaging test primarily used for detection of cancer and several other ailments. The PET-CT Scan is a test that is done on a special PET-CT Machine which performs the 2 scans together. In the Whole Body PET CT Scan a single scanner performs CT Scan for anatomical image capture and a PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography) for measuring molecular imaging uptake of radiopharmaceutical isotopes, most common of which is the 18F-FDG Isotope. The Whole Body FDG PET CT scan is most commonly used for studying cancer, and has since decades played an instrumental role in the medical industry's fight against cancer by enabling better cancer diagnostics.

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A Whole Body FDG PET CT scan is a nuclear medicine imaging test used commonly to detect a range of cancer

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If prostate cancer recurs after initial treatment, such as surgery and radiotherapy, it is often hard to dete...


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The PET CT Scan with Triple Phase Abdomen involves a Whole Body PET- CT Scan along with a special Tri...

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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is a PET-CT scan?

A PET-CT scan combines positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) imaging techniques into a single procedure. It provides detailed information about the body's metabolic and anatomical functions, helping to detect and diagnose various conditions.

• How does a PET-CT scan work?

PET-CT scans involve the injection of a radioactive tracer into the body, which emits positrons. These positrons interact with nearby electrons, resulting in the emission of gamma rays. The PET scanner detects these gamma rays, creating images of metabolic activity. Meanwhile, the CT scanner provides detailed anatomical images, enhancing the diagnostic accuracy.

• What conditions or diseases can a PET-CT scan detect?

PET-CT scans are commonly used to detect cancer, assess the spread of cancer, evaluate heart conditions, and diagnose neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.

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